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Trailblazing Connections at the Overland Summit

The Overland Summit, TREAD’s second event in the Traction Series, proved to be an exceptional gathering of prominent brands and media personalities at the picturesque Holcomb Valley Ranch near Big Bear, California. Spanning three days, the summit offered an immersive experience focused on building genuine connections, hands-on product trials and insightful learning sessions led by subject matter experts.

Distinguished experts such as Cody Sisson from TrailChasers, wildfire expert Stuart Pally, medical and trail-side first aid expert Steve Barron and Don Alexander with Trails 411, shared invaluable knowledge on trailside safety. They emphasized crucial topics such as first aid, snake bites, fire safety and vehicle recovery, equipping attendees for the event’s trail run and future overlanding adventures.

The summit commenced with sponsors setting up base camp, offering a warm welcome to attending media. Introductions were followed by engaging presentations from sponsors like Tuff Stuff Overland and Lance Camper, who provided unique sleep accommodations for media attendees. HitchFire impressed everyone with a delightful tri-tip barbecue, showcasing their product’s ease of use, while Rigid Industries demonstrated the brilliance of their off-road lights. The evenings were filled with live music, dinner and enriching conversations around the campfire, fostering both new and existing connections.

The following morning, after a quick breakfast, title sponsor OPTIMA Batteries demonstrated the durability and power of its batteries, reaffirming its industry leadership. Cody Sisson then detailed the 22-mile trail run, an exhilarating journey through rocky hills carefully mapped out by TrailChasers. Morrflate demonstrated its efficient tire deflation system, ensuring all vehicles were trail-ready.

During the trail run, Steve Barron conducted a trail-side first aid seminar, offering vital insights into handling emergencies. The group then split, with one part challenging White Mountain while the other returned to camp. Back at camp, Hellwig’s CEO, Melanie Hellwig White,  provided an insightful overview of its products, followed by a seminar on fire safety and wildfires in the west by Stuart Palley, emphasizing the importance of fire safety in remote overlanding locations.

Evenings were marked by camaraderie, dinners and live music, strengthening the bonds between attendees. The final day commenced with a vehicle recovery seminar led by Don Alexander, covering essential tools and proper winch usage. The summit concluded with gratitude extended to all attendees, acknowledging their invaluable participation.

The Overland Summit at Holcomb Valley Ranch stands as a testament to TREAD’s commitment to fostering genuine connections, promoting safety awareness and showcasing cutting-edge products within the overlanding community. It was an event where knowledge met experience, paving the way for safer and more enjoyable overlanding adventures in the future.

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