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Navigating the AI Landscape

Let’s face it- everyone is going crazy over artificial intelligence (AI) and its capabilities. Trust us when we say that we understand the allure. In the era of AI dominance, the marketing landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, which has made people in the industry question AI’s role and if its benefits are viable. At TREAD Agency, where staying ahead of the trends is a mantra, we want to embrace AI as a valuable tool without losing sight of our authenticity. 

In our pursuit of leveraging AI, we tread carefully, using it not to replace our roles but to enhance efficiency. We never want to lose our credibility as marketers, especially in niche industries. We believe that the work we do as marketers is best done by people, not artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has become an intriguing concept for our team of avid outdoor enthusiasts passionate about hunting, fishing, hiking and overlanding. Often, we are curious about the ways we can use AI to our advantage and leverage it to improve our experiences within our respective hobbies. We recently experimented with Writesonic to craft a workout program to aid in getting in shape for a bighorn sheep hunt. The results were impressive and immediate, as the AI model produced a personalized six-times-a-week workout plan within seconds. It created a workout routine suited to the goals provided and provided a variety of options so that we weren’t stuck with only one option. The workout program was comprehensive, promising to whip someone into shape for the trials and tribulations of a hunt. 

The outcome of asking Writesonic to craft a workout routine for a bighorn sheep hunt did not come by prompting it to simply do just that; we included some extensive detail in the prompt. When we prompted Writesonic to draft the workout plan we gave it the following prompt: “You are a personal trainer. Craft a 20 week workout plan, where I will workout six times a week, to get me in elite shape for a bighorn sheep hunt. I am a 24 year old female and I currently workout five times a week. My goal is to build muscle in my legs, back, arms and increase my cardiovascular endurance. I have access to a full gym, including free weights, weight machines, and cardio equipment. Provide a variety of different exercises I can do.”

Quality in equals quality out, so it is important to effectively prompt the generative AI model that you are using. The following are some tips to effectively prompt your AI model to yield high-quality results, using the prompt given above as an example: 

  • Define the model’s role: Giving a specific role to the AI provides clarity and purpose to its responses. For instance, informing Writesonic that it acts as a personal trainer allows the model to tackle tasks with a tailored understanding.
  • Clarity is key: The likelihood of receiving high-quality responses increases when the desired outcome is articulated. Provide the AI model with explicit instructions, like specifying a 20-week program, six days a week, for a bighorn sheep hunt. Clear directions lower the chances of confusion and increase the odds of the outcomes being accurate.
  • Offer context: The model’s comprehension can be enhanced by providing relevant context. For example, telling Writesonic about the program’s target audience (i.e.,a 24 year old female, who works out regularly and has full gym access) makes it easier to generate a more personalized and comprehensive routine.
  • Review the prompt and output: Thoroughly review both the prompt and the generated result. This step is crucial for identifying any errors or inconsistencies that could occur, especially when dealing with datasets or content that will be shared with others.

Working effectively with any type of artificial intelligence requires attention to detail. When deciding which AI programs to use to yield effective results, it is important to compare them to others. It is easy to rely on a familiar AI program and just roll with it without checking out what else is on the market that contains similar functions. For example, we have been testing out different AI-powered prospecting automation programs, such as Seamless.AI and Apollo.IO. Through research and trial, we have found that after comparing, contrasting and testing out the functionality of the different programs, Apollo.IO was a better match for the type of model we were looking to use. 

One more pertinent piece of working with AI is always using best practices when deciding which AI model to work with and the actual usage of the model. The following is a list of six best practices that the TREAD team uses when approaching any type of AI modeling:

  • Define clear goals and metrics: Before using AI, you need a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you will measure it. This will help you choose the right AI program, evaluate its performance and adjust if needed. 
  • Choose the right data and model: If you plan to use any data in an AI model, consider these critical factors: contextual relevance, quality over quantity, ethical and biased data, and regulatory and privacy compliance. Moreover, you must choose the most suitable AI model for the data you are working with.
  • Ensure quality and consistency: AI can produce impressive results, but it can also generate unrealistic, inaccurate or inconsistent results. Therefore, ensuring that the AI output meets the quality and consistency standards you have set for your work is vital.
  • Consider ethical and social implications: AI can positively impact any industry, but it can also pose ethical and social challenges, such as privacy, security, fairness or accountability. Remember, AI is not a human and does not even come close to being one. Tread lightly when using any type of AI model.
  • Monitor and improve: AI is not a one-time robust solution but a continuous process that requires monitoring and improvement. Keep track of your performance, results and feedback. Regularly update your AI model to ensure that it stays relevant and as reliable as possible if you will be using it.
  • Additional things to consider: Continue to explore new AI techniques, tools and trends. Do not rely solely on AI; it is still a new technology and the kinks have yet to be ironed out. In addition, consider that there is danger in using AI, as laws and regulations are still in the process of covering the full scope of artificial intelligence.

Understanding the potential of AI is crucial, but at TREAD Agency, we emphasize credibility and our ability to craft meaningful work. While we might use AI to draft workout plans or for prospecting automation, we draw the line at letting it take over our creative authenticity. As a team, we are committed to staying real in our work and outdoor pursuits. So, as AI takes center stage, let’s stay grounded, get outside and experience the real world around us.

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