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The Overland Summit, TREAD's second event in the Traction Series, proved to be an exceptional gathering of prominent brands and media personalities at the picturesque Holcomb Valley Ranch near Big Bear, California. Spanning three days, the summit offered an immersive experience focused on building genuine connections, hands-on product trials and insightful learning sessions led by subject matter experts. Distinguished experts such as Cody Sisson from TrailChasers, wildfire expert Stuart Pally, medical and trail-side first aid expert Steve Barron and Don Alexander with Trails 411, shared invaluable knowledge on trailside safety. They emphasized crucial topics such as first aid, snake bites, fire

Check out photos and read the full event recap after two full days of networking in the Montana Backcountry. The Backcountry Summit kicked off TREAD's Traction Series outside White Sulphur Springs, Montana, in the Big Belt Mountains. Designed as a new concept for connecting brands and media, it was two full days of great conversations, education about backcountry survival and skills, and product demonstrations from outdoor brands.  The Backcountry Summit featured outdoor education thought leaders, including Creighton Greene of SCOUTE Arms, Laura Zerra from Carbon TV’s “Decivilized,” Alaskan guide and owner of Outfitter Services Caleb Stillians, U.S. Fish & Wildlife grizzly bear

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