That’s why this year, we’re excited to offer best-in-class brands the opportunity to slow down and tell their story in unique destinations that inspire great conversation, intimate product knowledge, and camaraderie. We’ll vet participating brands, bring together media, host experts in their field, and curate an unforgettable experience.


We kick off the Traction Series in an undisclosed remote Montana location. Bring your compass and turn off your cell phone as we’re leaving the niceties and luxuries of domesticated life behind. Join us for two days as we navigate varied terrain, learn about backcountry survival and defense, and make lasting friendships. Trained experts will be present to instruct participants during the event. In addition, participating brands are invited to collaborate with us to authentically tell their stories and put their products to use.

Meet the Backcountry Leadership Team:

July 24 – 26, 2023

July 24: Brands and media will fly into Bozeman, Montana, where our team will transport you to the Summit. The first evening will be a meet and greet and will include dinner and drinks at Basecamp. You’ll get to know the group and leaders and prepare for an early morning departure into the backcountry. 

July 25: We will head into the backcountry where we will learn navigation, bear defense and primitive shelter building. We will camp in the backcountry on the night of the 25th. 

July 26: We will break camp and spend a half day in the backcountry with a precision shooting seminar and brand product demonstrations. In the afternoon, participants will head back to Basecamp to wrap up and be transported back to Bozeman. 


SURVIVAL TOOLS WITH LAURA ZERRA – Primitive techniques, shelter building, ethnobotanical plant uses, tracking and foraging

PREDATOR DEFENSE WORKSHOP – Bear behavior, signs of aggression and defense

BACKCOUNTRY NAVIGATION – Navigating diverse terrain, tools and gear

WILDLIFE HABITATS & CONSERVATION – The role of hunting in conservation, ethical and fair chase hunting

PRECISION SHOOTING WITH SCOUTE ARMS – Body positioning, recoil mitigation, and target range

YOUR SESSION HERE – Let’s brainstorm and create an authentic activation for your brand

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